Snakes on a plane? Nope, at Gustine High School


The snakes were found all over the Gustine High School campus including one on Wednesday.

The fifth snake was found Wednesday morning just outside the woodshop at Gustine High School.

At that point, school officials decided to release students for the day-and cancel classes both Thursday and Friday. And with Thanksgiving break next week -- students do not have to return to class until a week from this Monday.

The rattlesnake sightings started back on October 24th. Since then, students and staff have found them in a variety of places- including the weight room, the greenhouse, a science classroom, and in front of the school. The rattlesnakes are all babies and measure less than a foot long.

Administrators have called several agencies to assist them with the problem. The police, and Fish and Game have both visited the school. So, while they're taking the problem very seriously-some of the students Action News spoke to say-they're just happy to have a longer break.

"I don't really think it's a big deal," said Linda Mattie. "Hey it's two days, I can take two days and have fun, so I don't mind it."

Gail McWilliams said, "Our biggest concern is student safety, student and staff safety. We don't want staff you know moving and picking up things off the ground if there would be any danger under a pile of something."

The snakes were killed shortly after being found. On Monday, a private wild life control company out of Fresno is coming to the school. They plan on using infrared cameras to see if there are any more snakes on campus.

As to why they're here, no one knows at this point. One theory is that an adult snake somehow got on campus and had babies.

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