Three Republicans hope to challenge Costa

FRESNO, Calif.

"I was very frustrated like many Americans that the Super Committee did not come together with a bi-partisan compromise."

But while the public's approval rating of members of congress is at an all-time low three Republicans are now in the race to try and replace Democrat Costa.

Dairy Farmer and metal fabricator Johnny Tacherra thinks he can better represent agriculture and hopes to challenge Costa.

"He is not the right man for the job anymore. You know he had his run. He's just a career politician and he does whatever he has to to get re-elected," Tacherra said.

Fresno Attorney Brian Whelan is also seeking the Republican nomination and says he can better represent farmers.

"Jim Costa locally has not supported the farmers in a way that they need his support with the water, first and foremost," he said.

Tacherra and Whelan will challenge Fresno City Council Member Clint Olivier, who says his strong suit is his urban base.

"I'm uniquely positioned to win this seat because I already represent a large segment of this congressional district in the city of Fresno."

These three Republicans and any others who emerge will all have to face each other in the June primary. The winner will face Costa in the newly formed 16th Congressional District, where Democrats outnumber Republicans.

This new District includes half of Fresno, where Costa is strong and also Madera and Merced Counties, areas he represented when he served in the state legislature.

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