Dec. 6 AM Live Ag Report

FRESNO, Calif.

Federal regulators say over $1 billion may be missing from customer accounts.

Many farmers use the futures markets to lock in prices and reduce their risks, so they can plan ahead knowing what their costs will be.

The number of people harmed and the extent of their losses isn't clear.

Officials have said those affected should get back at least two-thirds of their money, but there's no word on when any of that might be returned.


The U.S. Labor Department is proposing new rules for young farm workers that would keep many from driving tractors, using large equipment and working with livestock.

Labor officials say the rules are needed because farming is one of the nation's most dangerous occupations.

The National Safety Council says nearly 29 out of every 100-thousand farm workers die on the job.

But farmers say the proposed rules could keep kids from learning about the hard work and responsibility necessary to work on a farm.

They say, if young people can't get jobs on farms, fewer will develop an interest in agriculture careers.

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