Fresno mom found guilty in attempted murder of 3-year-old son

FRESNO, Calif.

The trial took more than two weeks, but jurors needed only a few hours to decide she was guilty, and not insane.

For the first time during the trial, Rincon's family wasn't there to back her up Monday, and she broke down when the verdict came in.

Rincon was a mother overcome with guilt. The 31-year-old started crying after a jury found her guilty of an attack on her then 3-year-old son.

The boy suffered 25 stab wounds, and after the knife attack, his mother threw him down a flight of stairs, cracking his skull.

Rincon never denied the charges, and at the time, even told police not to save her son because he was possessed.

In court, she claimed her actions came during a psychotic break down as a result of postpartum depression and other issues. But she tested positive for methamphetamine and prosecutors argued that was a more likely explanation for Rincon's out-of-character behavior.

"A lot of people believe substance abuse is a victimless crime, but here, some lives have been destroyed, a family has been disrupted," said prosecutor Bob Whalen.

Rincon's attack and arrest last May shocked her family, and they swooped in to take care of the boy and his infant sister. 18 months later, the entire family came to her defense in court. They didn't get the verdict they'd hoped for, but agreed with prosecutors on one good outcome from the case.

"The good news in this case is that the little boy is doing well," Whalen said. "He has recovered from these injuries."

In fact, the boy's adopted mother showed Action News recent pictures of him and he looks both healthy and happy.

Rincon is set to be sentenced in January. Prosecutors say she's facing about 25 years to life in prison.

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