Dec. 22 AM Live Ag Report

FRESNO, Calif.

The Department of Food and Agriculture recently found five of the moths in a carpinteria insect trap.

The discovery will trigger state and federal quarantines and an eradication program.

Light brown apple months were first detected in California in 2007. They are now firmly established from Sonoma to Monterey County.

The moth causes significant damage to foliage and fruit.

This is the sixth time the insects have been discovered in Santa Barbara County.


Cool weather is keeping fruit orchards on track for a good harvest in the 2012 season.

Many tree crops including cherries, apples and pears require about 1-thousand chill hours, where temperatures drop below 45 degrees.

The San Joaquin County farm advisor says he typically begins measuring the chill hours in early November.

And so far the region has received more than 450 chill hours.

That figure is ahead of last year's numbers, which were at 300 hours at this time.

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