Valley golfers enjoying wintertime dry spell

FRESNO, Calif.

The last time that happened was back in 1989.

While the lack of winter weather is bad for sierra ski resorts, some valley businesses are benefiting from the dry spell.

At Fig Garden Golf Course in Fresno, grounds keeping crews were hitting the links early to mow the lawns and groom the gardens before a crowd of early birdies start making their way from hole to hole.

Workers say they expect to make up the increase in operating costs with additional revenue it's raking in with more golfers on the greens.

Assistant Pro Mychael Brukett says business is up nearly 10-percent over this same time last year. He says the numbers would be even higher if it weren't for early morning freeze and fog warnings affecting tee times.

"Not handing out a lot of rain checks so that's good. People are coming in, they're happy, they're enjoying themselves so it's been good for business," Brukett said.

Gary Busick and his group of golfing buddies say the dry spell has been good for their game.

The lack of wet weather has kept them from putting around the house and has allowed them to golf more this year then they can remember in a long time.

"Last year, every other day was rain and we had to pay our monthly dues, but we didn't get much golfing in. And this year? This year we're getting a lot of golfing in, it's paying us back from last year," Busick said.

Other courses like Riverside Golf Course near Herndon and 99 are seeing a similar scenario.

Workers there were so swamped with people and said they couldn't talk with us on camera. They did say that if the dry conditions continue, large crowds could become par for the course.

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