Animal rights activists get vocal with Madera City Council


Last week, a poodle mix named "Clover" died after being rescued from a home by animal control officers.

A group called "Friends of the Animal Shelter" got their message out during Wednesday's Madera city council meeting.

"We can no longer allow this type of inhumane behavior."

Kay Rhoades of Madera became emotional during Wednesday's city council meeting, as she spoke about clover, a poodle mix she took in after he was rescued from an alleged abuser.

Kay Rhoades said, "They thought he was recovering and then he just turned septic, and they said he just ran out of energy to fight anymore."

Last month, a Good Samaritan saw the poodle mix in the backyard of this Madera home, chained to a pole, with a rope cutting into its neck.

Animal control officers say it appeared the rope was put on the dog's neck as a young puppy and never taken off or adjusted.

Chelsea Ruble, a Madera animal control officer said, "There was trash everywhere, no fresh water, no shelter, and he appeared to be very weak."

Clover is the latest dog in the Valley to die from abuse. Back in October, a dog named "Bones" lost his life after he found starving in Livingston.

A group called "Friends of the Animal Shelter" says law enforcement isn't doing enough to prosecute these types of cases. A claim, Madera Police Chief Michael Kime denies.

Michael Kime said, "We aggressively investigate all animal cruelty cases and once the investigation is complete, we submit that to the district attorney for prosecution."

Madera County District Attorney Michael Keitz tells Action News his office looks forward to receiving the paperwork, so they can move forward with this case. If prosecuted, Clover's owner could face felony charges. We tried reaching out, but she did not answer the door Wednesday.

Meanwhile, Madera city council members say they plan on discussing the issue further to determine how they can help prevent animal abuse. The first step, they say is for people to report it.

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