Valley donates to help dying woman with wedding

FRESNO, Calif.

As soon as Action News aired a story about Espinoza Friday night, people jumped into action. She now has just about everything she needs for her wedding.

Espinoza asked for donations for the wedding since she wants her family to actually save their money to pay for her funeral.

Hundreds of people are rushing to help Espinoza put on her dream wedding. "People that don't even know us, they put in a lot," she said.

And she's now planning the details of the wedding now. But, at the same time, she's still adjusting to the devastating news that doctors broke to her on Christmas Eve. The aggressive leukemia she's battled with for three years is back.

The prognosis only gives her a few months to live. When they found out her boyfriend, Brandon Martinez, proposed. Susanna and Brandon are hoping her family will get to see their big day and have that be their lasting memory of Susanna.

"People will remember me happy, in my happiest moments," Espinoza said. "That will be my day. That's the pictures I want up... at my funeral. I want people to remember me like that."

Espinoza now has several options for a wedding gown, her friends said people have also volunteered to cook, decorate and entertain at the wedding.

The generosity from people on, the ABC30 Facebook page and through calls and e-mails, has been somewhat overwhelming for the family. But it's certainly welcomed. "I appreciate everything everybody's doing and... I mean... this makes me feel good too," Martinez said. "I always try hardest to make her feel good. And all these people are doing this out there for her and me."

So even with all the community support, the family still had one big expense looming, funeral costs. Fortunately, they received a call Saturday evening.

"After seeing your story [Friday] night, Golden Memorial has decided to go ahead and pay for any of your burial expenses that you have," said JR Barragan, owner of Golden Memorial in Chowchilla.

"With that phone call, it was a blessing," said Bobby Espinoza, Susanna's brother.

"It means the world to me, I couldn't ask for anything more," Espinoza said.

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