More Fresno County employees to take pay cuts

FRESNO, Calif.

In the latest round of cuts, more than sixty non-union workers will have to take a pay cut.

Those employees will join thousands of union workers whose salaries were slashed last month.

On Tuesday the Board of Supervisors imposed a 7.5 percent pay cut on 66 workers.

Last month the county imposed a nine percent pay cut on more than four thousand county workers in the SEIU.

The union represents most county non-management workers such as janitors, clerks and librarians.

Tuesday's cuts will affect workers who are not part of the union.

Supervisor Susan Anderson, who backed the action, says the cuts are necessary across the board.

"I feel like when we have made these cuts in these other equal positions, now we have to try and equalise," Anderson said.

Supervisor Henry Perea opposed the reduction.

"What I don't support is punishment, and I think that's what we are imposing on our employees," Perea said.

Beth Bandy heads the county's Personnnel Services Administration.

She says 21 people in her department will be affected in these latest cuts. Bandy says despite the cuts, employees may still lose their jobs.

"Some of the departments may have to layoff this year, I may have to layoff this year or cut positions, vacant positions in order to achieve my budget for this fiscal year," Bandy said.

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