Vigil held in honor of Sarah Roberts

FRESNO, Calif.

/*Sarah Roberts*/, 26, was shot to death as she walked away from a party in Central Fresno on New Year's Eve. No arrests have been made. Investigators believe Sarah was caught in the crossfire.

A circle of candles illuminated a Kerman Park Thursday night. Dozens of Sarah Robert's family and friends gathered in her home town to remember the mother of two, and share stories about why she was so loved.

"I love her like she is my sister, and she was so good to my kids."

Earlier, the group cut ribbons, and placed them on the surrounding trees and fences.

"Yeah, I have more strings right here."

The color yellow was chosen for what it symbolizes.

Lupe Miramontes said, "Friendship and that's what she represented. She represents the color yellow. She had a lot of friends and she brought all of these people together."

Joe Herrera said, "For all of Kerman, this is a big loss for everyone here."

Sarah's dad Rusty, says it's that network of people, who have helped him and his family during this difficult time. Rusty Roberts said, "The week following my daughter's death, there were about 700 people that came to our house and I'd like to say, people are coming out of the wood work, that I don't even know."

Since his daughter's death, Rusty says he spends most of his time caring for Sarah's kids: five year old, Sadie and three-year-old Jayden. He's also been praying for some sort of resolve in this case.

"My teachings is that if they steal a piece of gum or they kill my daughter, they can be forgiven by god, and that's all I want to do and have them come to me and say, Mr. Roberts I'm so sorry, and I will forgive them."

Until that happens, loved ones hope these ribbons will stay up to remind others about what happened and convince someone to come forward.

Sarah's funeral is Friday in Fresno.

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