Fighting to save Fresno's veterans home

FRESNO, Calif.

Elaine Grover and her husband Dan are hoping to save the Fresno Veterans Home by signing a petition heading to Governor Brown. "I am very upset because he promised he would support the veterans and this is not the way to show you are supporting the veterans," said Grover. On Friday Grover joined other veterans who are trying to save the home.

In his 2013 budget, Governor Brown made the decision not to include the $14.5 million needed to start the home. The doors were scheduled to open next year but without the funding they will stay shut.

In a statement the California Department of Veteran's Affairs says, "As much as we would like to do it, there just isn't money available in the state's general fund budget to provide for the opening of the new home in Fresno."

Valley veterans and some state official disagree with the decision. They say without the funding, many veterans are losing out on crucial services.

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