Fossil Discovery Center unveils the Colombian Mammoth

FRESNO, Calif.

The /*Fossil Discovery Center*/ unveiled a new exhibit featuring the Colombian Mammoth. Local preschoolers got the first peek.

The kids from Small Wonders Preschool in Chowchilla were looking at a replica, of the 14-foot tall Colombian Mammoth.

In it's heyday, It weighed about 20-thousand pounds, and probably had to eat about three to six-hundred pounds of vegetation every day.

It's a replica of an actual mammoth the largest mammoth in North America," said Blake Bufford, with the Fossil Discovery Center. "They are larger than the Wooly Mammoth which most people are familiar with. These animals lived here in the San Joaquin Valley until about 10 or 11 thousand years ago when they went extinct. We find their remains, a lot of mammoth bones and teeth over in the landfill right across the road."

The Fossil Discovery Center has been open since October of 2010.

It was built across the road from one of the largest fossil sites in the country.

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