Weight loss company marketing to men

FRESNO, Calif.

But a popular weight loss company is launching an all-out war for men fighting obesity.

You may have already seen former basketball star and current basketball analyst Charles Barkley in the new weight watchers TV ads.

Everyday thousands of men hit valley gyms to get into shape.

Some are looking to get bigger or stronger.

Most people like Brad Fishel are just trying to lose weight.

But big egos prevent him and a lot of men from even talking about the subject.

"It's that persona that we're supposed to have. And if we get a little overweight, then we kind of getting reluctant to the gym sometimes because we don't, everybody else is toned up you know," Brad Fishel said.

That's why Weight Watchers is launching a new campaign targeting men, and the company is using sports celebrity Charles Barkley to convey the message of simplicity in this TV commercial.

The same message is also being delivered here in the Valley.

"I mean you can have all this for ten points, or that for ten points, plus."

Terri Knowles teaches nutrition to members at the Weight Watchers shop in North Fresno.

She's helped dozens of people lose weight in her 15 years as a counselor there, including Cleatus Shelton who lost 87 pounds through the program.

He joined with his wife erin about a year ago.

"I was a four X-L shirt, 44 waist. Now I'm down to a 36 wast and XL shirt. You know I was bigger in eighth grade than I am today. You know I've always been a big boy," Cleadus Shelton said.

Tom Thomas is another success story.

This old photo shows him overweight in his late teens.

Now 23, these recent photos of Thomas resembles a man who lost 55 pounds and now has a modeling career.

He wasn't afraid to show off his washboard stomach and says success wasn't achieved overnight.

"I lost one pound a week. It took me 13 months total. And it wasn't easy the whole way. So I really struggled with it and I fought for it and I've seen a lot of results," Thomas said.

Whether you're just learning about losing weight in a class or applying what you've already learned at the gym.

Talking about weight loss among men is becoming less taboo and more common thanks to the man nicknamed the "round mound of rebound."

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