Meet the top 5 auto theft suspects in Fresno

FRESNO, Calif.

Scanning neighborhoods and parking lots, Fresno Police say the top five auto thieves often work with a partner.

Regardless if your car is new or old, investigators say these thieves will steal it and sell it that same day for a few hundred dollars.

Fresno Police Lieutenant Burke Farrah says the number one thief in Fresno is just 21 years old. He was arrested 13 times in 2011. His name is /*Gabriel Osorio*/. "If there's a car that's stolen in the area of Kings Canyon and Winery Avenues, we start looking for Gabriel Osorio. His dependence on methamphetamine is very severe."

/*Larry Burgin*/ is number two on the list; police say he will steal cars, and pretty much anything else he can get his hands on. Detectives say he's a self-admitted meth addict, who often hangs out in the area of Shaw and Blackstone. As of Tuesday afternoon, he was in jail, but he may not be for long.

Police say so far this year 15 cars have been stolen while they were being warmed up. And another 15 have been almost as easy to drive away with, since the keys were in the car.

Investigators say the number three auto thief, doesn't discriminate when it comes to where he will steal a car. Fresno Police say /*Ralph Jasso*/ takes cars from Clovis, Fresno, and Sanger and has already been arrested once this year.

Although /*Francisco Delarosa*/ rolls in as number four on the list, Fresno Police say they worry about his potential.

Lieutenant Farrah said, "Recently, he's also been arrested for terrorist threats during his crimes when he has threatened victims and other people that are involved."

Rounding out the fifth spot on the list is /*Jeremiah Gutierrez*/. The 26 year old was arrested 10 times in 2011 for auto theft and related crimes.

Fresno Police say the top 5 thieves are not wanted right now, but they want you to know who to look out for, so you can help protect yourself and your neighbors from the crime that's often preventable.

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