Fresno State students weigh in on crime

FRESNO, Calif.

Over the summer, students, specifically in the fraternities and soritites decided to implement a neighborhood watch program. In some areas, the plan seems to be working. But, during a meeting Tuesday night, it was clear there is still a need for improvement.

In a room of nearly four dozen Fresno State students and nearby residents, everyone claims to have been affected by some sort of crime.

"One of the assailants who came up to us had a hatchet."

"All the cars that get broken into are facing the parking lot."

"Girls at other houses have been held at gun point unfortunately."

Last summer, three people were shot outside a fraternity house. That's when the Greeks decided to band together. Some houses built fences, and hired private security guards. They even brought their concerns to the city council, which resulted in more police patrols and monthly meetings like this one.

Police say they've seen less crime in and around El Dorado Park. But, improving the entire campus area has proven to be a slow process. According to crime reports, there were 81 incidents during a two week period stretching from June to July. During the same number of days this month, there have been 74.

Roselyn Clark said, "It's been a slow start, but we're getting there."

Clark is the president of the Fresno Police Neighborhood Watch Program. She also lives two blocks from Fresno State. She says people need to be more aware of their surroundings. That includes walking in groups, locking doors, and not leaving anything valuable in your car.

Another reminder: utilize campus police. Officials there are confident the area will get better if everyone works together.

Tatevos Manucharyan said, "Anybody looks suspicious or out of place or a community who doesn't recognize certain people, call us. Don't hesitate. We'll come by to do our work."

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