Feb. 1 AM Live Ag Report

FRESNO, Calif.

Both groups are working to prevent the spread of E-Verify legislation, which forces private employers to check the legal status of job applicants.

Farmers say E-Verify has dramatically reduced the immigrant workforce and they're worried they won't find anyone to harvest their crops.

The group says it wants to see a nationwide overhaul of the immigration legislation.


Farmworker advocates are launching an effort to block the use of a certain pesticide in California.

California growers are trying to find a compromise over the use of methyl iodide on crops because it has been deemed unsafe.

Anti-pesticide groups would instead like to see the use of organic methods like crop rotation and compost.

Methyl iodide is currently permitted to be used in 47 other states, but California has more stringent safety legislation than others.

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