Hanford residents speak out in Council meeting

FRESNO, Calif.

Residents asked the city to fire Straus at today's public hearing.

They say Straus has mismanaged city funds, mistreated city employees and been the cause of declining city services.

The allegations come on the heels of an independent study recommending cuts of up to seven patrol officers, three lieutenants and a detective for the Hanford Police Department.

The Hanford Police Officer's Association and Chief Carlos Mestas say the study is flawed.

They say what should have been an independent review was actually a directive handed down by the City Manager, Hilary Straus, to make massive cuts.

Now former city employees are asking for his termination.

"Ever since Mr. Straus has come he has slowly been picking away at this city. Destroying it. He has put departments against departments, people against people. He has no respect for employees at all," Karen Madruga of Hanford said.

Straus took the city manager position in May of 2010.

Action News reached out to Hilary Straus during today's meeting, but he declined to comment.

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