Fresno Police officer knocked out during DUI arrest

FRESNO, Calif.

Officer /*Darryll Van Duersen*/ was knocked unconscious briefly during the confrontation at the intersection of Palm and Shields.

/*Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer*/ says the suspect told the officers he was going to make them work for his arrest. And moments later, the officer's head was slammed against his patrol car.

Fresno Police Officer Darryll Van Duersen was wheeled away after investigators say /*Tyrod Hilliard*/ got combative while officers were trying to arrest him for driving under the influence.

"One of the officers attempted to grab the suspect after the suspect said you're gonna have to work for the arrest," said Chief Dyer. "That was a sign to the officers they were going to have to utilize some type of physical effort to get this guy into custody."

Moments later, Police Chief Jerry Dyer says the suspect bent over and threw Officer Van Duersen off of him. He was hurt and temporarily lost his memory from a head injury.

Chief Dyer says patrol officers are facing suspects more often, who are increasingly willing to resist or attack them. In 2009, 331 Fresno Police officers were assaulted. In 2010, 375 officers were, and in 2011, 415 officers were assaulted on the job.

"We have more officers out there that are confronting individuals with mental illness," said Chief Dyer. "People that have been smoking meth and are acting extremely bizarre and acting violent."

Just a day earlier, 29-year-old Albert Sanchez was killed during a confrontation with an officer. Chief Dyer says Sanchez was carrying a knife with a 10 inch blade and ran toward the officer, when the officer fired several rounds.

Hilliard is in jail for battery against a police officer, resisting arrest, and DUI.

Officer Van Duersen has been released from the hospital and is now recovering at home.

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