Fire in Fresno County destroys home


Flames engulfed the 1,000 square foot structure, and destroyed power lines located several feet up in the air.

"Never seen anything get higher, flames higher than that. No. It was pretty big," said witness Mark Rodriguez.

Rodriguez was driving by when the fire started. After stopping his car, he saw neighbors trying to put the flames out themselves.

Home owner Jerry Gomez said, "We ran out. He moved his car; I grabbed my hoses, put them by the storage room and tried to put the fire out."

For years, Gomez has used the home to store antiques and supplies from a bar they used to run on the corner. After realizing nothing could be done to save the structure or the items inside, he yelled at his neighbors to get out of their homes, in case the fire spread.

"Uh, you need to come down, you need to come down, that's all I heard. I just rinsed my hair and I got out," said Erica Rodriguez.

15 firefighters responded to the blaze. By the time they arrived, the home was already destroyed.

Neighbors believe the fire is suspicious. "We heard our dogs barking and we keep coming out, and I seen a car take off."

According to investigators, the cause is still under investigation.

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