Robbery suspect confesses to stealing 25 cars after arrest

FRESNO, Calif.

/*Rueben Molano*/ was full of confessions Monday morning when Fresno Police caught up to him. They were trailing him as an auto theft suspect, when undercover officers say they foiled a robbery.

"We saw him move up to the store, he began casing the inside of the store without entering," said Tim Tietjen. "He then went around the store, put his hood on, and he began moving toward the store. At that point, C-CAT unit, we intervened, took him into custody."

After his arrest, police say Molano admitted to stealing 25 cars in two weeks. Detectives say he had meth on him that was for sale and he was driving a stolen car.

Molano is not on Fresno's top 5 auto thieves list, but police say he may be added since he is busy and active.

"He is someone new on our radar," said /*Tim Tietjen*/. "Someone we haven't known yet. This is a good catch for us."

The Honda was stolen last Thursday, from an apartment complex in Northeast Fresno. David Frutos bought it for his daughter just three weeks ago. He assumed police would find it stripped. Instead, it was disguised.

"It used to be jet black," said Frutos. There was no red stripes, no red mirrors, none of these pro comp stickers."

In a rare moment, Frutos was able to confront the suspect. He shared with Action News the conversation he had with the alleged thief. "I looked at him and he looked at me and he goes, I'm sorry. And I go, you know what, you're not really sorry because once when you get out, you are going to do it again. I told him. I go I hope they keep you in jail for a while."

Fresno Police found countless items they believe Molano used- to sell drugs, steal cars and broker auto deals. Everything from saws, to shaved keys, scales, and more. Police say Molano's cell phone also provided valuable evidence of his crime spree.

Police say Molano is a gang member. Officers believe he was working with others, so they are now working to catch the rest of his crew.

For now, Molano is in jail on six felony charges and four misdemeanors.

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