Person falls out of SUV during chase in Texas


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The chase started around 4pm on I-45 near NASA Parkway, as police pursued a red SUV without license plates.

SkyEye HD captured a passenger falling out of the SUV after it lost control and smashed into a guardrail on I-45 near Fuqua. A police car following careened into the same ditch immediately after.

The driver kept driving, and got back onto the northbound lanes of the Gulf Freeway -- even with the front passenger door open. The suspect was driving erratically all over the highway, swerving in and out among cars on the freeway.

The driver sideswiped another car on the middle lane of I-45 as it approached the Woodridge exit. He took that exit and turned into a side street that led into a residential area just south of downtown Houston.

The suspect eventually jumped out of the SUV as it was still going on the residential side street and started running. However, officers immediately tackled him and handcuffed him.

We tried to talk the suspect as he was being searched for weapons by officers but he refused to answer any of our questions. He appeared to be a little scraped up but otherwise OK.

The condition of the person who fell out of the moving SUV wasn't immediately known, but TranStar cameras showed emergency personnel tending to the victim who was transported via ambulance to an area hospital.

The pursuit began after a security guard at a Walmart noticed a suspicious person possibly trying to break into a vehicle.

No other details were immediately available.

KTRK-TV HOUSTON, TX contributed to this report.

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