5 things you need to know before you go

FRESNO, Calif.

Stocks drop due to jobs report
A weaker-than expected March jobs report is translating into lower trade for stocks this morning. The U.S. added 12-thousand jobs in March, about half the pace from December through February.

Oklahoma shooting suspects to appear in court
The two men accused of going on a shooting rampage in Oklahoma will be in court today. Jake England, 19, Alvin Watts, 32, face possible hate crime charges for killing three people and injuring another two -- all five victims were African-American. Authorities say one of the suspects may have been trying to avenge his father's shooting by a black man.

Gas prices beginning to drop
You may soon start getting some relief at the pump, as gas prices showed their smallest increase since early January. In Fresno, gas prices have fallen four cents in the past week, averaging $4.17 per gallon.

Autism Linked to Maternal Obesity (ABC News)
A new study says women who are obese during pregnancy are more likely to have a child with autism. Researchers also say obese pregnant women face double the risk of having children with other developmental problems.

White House Easter Egg Roll
30,000 people are at the White House right now for the 134th annual Easter Egg Roll. All of the activities will promote healthy and active living as part of the first lady's campaign against childhood obesity.

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