Suspect's mother in Visalia baby death speaks out

FRESNO, Calif.

Authorities say the infant's name was Alexander Xavier Frett. The newborn's mother, Jennifer Granberg and her boyfriend Christopher Harris were arrested at their Visalia home on Sunday.

Visalia Police say the baby had severe burns on his body, which were caused by water. Christopher Harris is not the father. But, his mother says, he thought of Alexander or Xavier as they called him as his own son and claims he would never hurt him.

"I don't know about the baby, I don't know about the details of what happened," said Susan Harris. "I don't know anything."

Susan Harris hasn't spoken to her son, Christopher, since Sunday, as she watched Visalia Police take him and his girlfriend, Jennifer Granberg away from their Visalia home. Susan often spent time here visiting the couple, and Granberg's two-month-old baby boy, Xavier. The last time she saw him alive was Friday.

Susan Harris said, "He was happy and good to life and he was just gorgeous."

When paramedics arrived to the house on North Divisadero, Xavier wasn't breathing. Investigators later discovered Granberg and her boyfriend had different stories about what may have happened to the new-born.

Sgt. Amy Watkins with the Visalia Police Dept. said, "The statements given by the two suspects in this case were inconsistent the child's injuries."

Susan says her son has a five-year-old of his own, and that he had nothing to do with Xavier's death. She says another couple was at the home when the baby died and questions whether they know something police don't. "They had to have heard something."

No one answered when Action News stopped by the home Monday night. Minutes later, a couple emerged from the back door, and sped off.

"We would like some answers tomorrow and to head in the right direction to protect other children out there and to protect my son."

The couple is expected to be arraigned on murder charges Tuesday. Autopsy results should be back by then, as well.

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