Identity thieves are targeting your account

FRESNO, Calif.

Jan Manning is a five time victim. That's 5 times, in six months. She found out her identity had been stolen when she got a bill and when police found her name in a little black book.

Jan's name was in bright pink -- and she had no idea that someone, somewhere, knows everything about her, and a few hundred other victims.

Police stumbled upon the book after investigating another case. They're calling what's in that little black book "account take-overs."

It's the new phase of identity theft. Criminals are breaking into homes and are no longer after TV's, but after your I.D. Then, they run your credit report to get every account in your name.

"They're looking for a social security number on a piece of paper. Your taxes, tour social security card. Why do people carry them with them?" said Sgt. Sherrie Flores with the Fresno Police Department. It's such a problem. That Sgt. Flores and the Fresno Police put up a wall of mug shots and cataloged thousands of files.

These days, in 90 percent of her cases, credit reports have been run. "A lot of these people are getting notices in the mail with 'Here's your new credit card' in their name or another person's name." And Flores said they use your credit to make purchases.

Jan Manning now watches her account religiously, and calls her banks just as frequently.. "I just hope somebody can stop this and stop it for everyone else. A lot of us are struggling and to empty an account even 25$ is too much for me."

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