Central Valley law enforcement getting FBI training

FRESNO, Calif.

This is the first of what Fresno hopes will be an annual event.

The event brought in close to 20 local law enforcement agencies from Tracey in the north all the way to Kern County south.

Officers spent all day Wednesday learning from the FBI's top instructors about special weapons and tactics, or what's more commonly known as SWAT.

"We're looking for them to hone their skills in the different areas to improve their expertise. And then we're all looking to have them improve their interactability and their interaction with other teams," FBI instructor Brian Jones said.

The collection of SWAT officers represents the best of the best in the Central Valley, but even the best need some guidance and the FBI.

Action News wasn't allowed to show you everything, but we did catch hand to hand combat training as well as firearm practice out on the range.

The Fresno Police Department and its 35-man SWAT team is hosting this training event. Officer Brian Pierce says this is as real as it gets.

"The facility that we have here through the Fresno Police Dept. and the ability to train in the instructors that are here, it's leaps and bounds is beyond what we would even expect. And it's really, really beneficial," Ofc. Brian Pierce of the Fresno Police Department said.

There might come a time when a hostile and dangerous situation calls for a multi-agency response, and this SWAT training exercise will help these guys be on the same page so that everyone comes back in good health.

The FBI has held similar SWAT training days in Sacramento and Chico. They hope to make this an annual event for central valley law enforcement.

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