Kings County deputy bitten on the job returns to work


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Max, was known as the department's best dope dog, doing an outstanding job helping find illegal narcotics for investigations.

One year ago, Sgt. David Jones was supervising Max's agility training routine. During an exercise, he suffered a devastating injury from the dog. "We use these boxes I made a noise by the boxes the dog obviously thought it was time for a different kind of training and he alerted on me and he came at me and bit me."

A light scar still remains on Jones' arm from the attack. Jones suffered muscle and nerve damage. Several surgeries later he has regained most of the function in his arm and fingers. Thursday is his first day back at work. "It feels good after a year of recovery not knowing if I could get back to this day I feel extremely proud to be here. The thought of facing not working again was not very appealing."

After the attack, the Kings County sheriff's office immediately took the dog off duty to investigate the incident.

Jones has no ill feeling towards the dog, saying he was only doing what he's been trained to do. Now, he's happy to be back supervising the K-9 unit again.

Now that two dogs have retired the Kings County Sheriff is in the process of hiring two more K-9s, but the dogs are not in the county's budget and funded solely on donations.


The Federal Tax ID number for the Brando Fund (the foundation which supports the purchase of the dogs, training, vet bills and food) is: 27-2791105.

The Brando Fund
1444 W. Lacey Blvd
Hanford, CA 93232-0986


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