Grand Jury: SPCA needed more transparency

FRESNO, Calif.

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Jurors say audit information was not made available, and board meetings were not open to the public.

City council president Clint Olivier says those members of the public who wanted transparency, should feel "vindicated" by the report, even though the SPCA's contract will end in September.

The SPCA, on the other hand, says all necessary documents were made available, and the agency should never have been under investigation in the first place.

"It's obvious that the grand jury failed to realize we are not a public agency," Beth Caffrey said. "Therefore we don't fall under those guidelines to be investigated by the grand jury."

Olivier said, "The next animal control provider in our community is going to provide access to the public in how they do business."

City and county leaders will hold their first "animal control task force" meeting Friday morning at eight o'clock at Fresno City Hall.

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