"Rally for Life" rallies support for cigarette tax

FRESNO, Calif.

Relay for Life raises money for cancer research and brings out hundreds of cancer survivors, their family members, and friends. Saturday supporters of Prop 29 also attended the event -- educating people about the ballot initiative, and what it would mean for cancer research.

If approved, the measure would tax cigarettes by a dollar a pack, with money going toward research and prevention efforts.

"The tax is only going to go to the folks that are buying the tobacco products. Everybody does not get taxed and all those funds are important for the cancer research we want to do," said cancer survivor Helen Hubbard.

Supporters say the tax could save lives -- by making people re-think the decision to smoke... But others say it's not the government's place to police people's habits.

Tobacco companies are also spending a lot of money to fight the tax.

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