Terrier recovering after being rescued

FRESNO, Calif.

For now the little terrier is being cared for in an undisclosed location and his caretakers are hoping social media can get him some help.

"I like to give Boston Terriers human names because they have very strong personalities they're very outgoing they're very sweet, fun dogs," foster parent Whitney Mayeda said.

Mayeda is talking about Douglas, or at least that's what she's calling him these days. She's taking care of the little guy but she doesn't know much about him - only that someone found him in the country on the west side. Supposedly he was running from bullets.

"He is a found dog. He does not have a microchip and we are sort of looking for his home. Hoping someone lost him, maybe he got into some trouble," Mayeda said.

That Good Samaritan rushed him to the vet, who patched him up, at least medically.

"The doctor took care of everything, put in a drain, he did have a large abscess, when they flushed the wound a small piece of bone came out, we're not sure where that came from," Mayeda said.

The doctor also thinks it's possible he was attacked by another animal.

"Unless someone comes forward with information we will probably never know what happened to him," Mayeda said.

And since he's obviously not talking, they've gotten creative, put his picture on Facebook and even matched him with lost dogs on CraigsList.

But so far no one knows who he is or where he came from. He'll respond to clapping and while medicated and in pain he's pretty sweet.

"Well he's very docile, compliant, lets you do whatever you want to him. Even the vet said they were able to start working on him and he didn't object," Mayeda said.

While he's recovering he's gone through literally every t-shirt in his foster home. If you'd like to donate you can do so at the Animal Compassion Team's website.

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