Man found dead on a Merced sidewalk

MERCED, Calif.

A person taking a walk found the body around 5:30 a.m. in the area of Pacific Drive and Compass Pointe Avenue.

Police have identified the victim as 18-year-old Andrew Flores of Merced. Detectives say Flores suffered gunshot wounds...

Neighbors said they're frightened by the violence so close to home. "It's upsetting especially because I can't walk down the street without having that small fear," said Anthony Perales of Merced.

Police do not have a motive behind the shooting at this time. If you have any information in the case, call the Merced Police Department.


The Merced Police Department received a call of a man down in the 1200 block of Pacific Ave. Upon arrival, officers found a deceased male laying on the sidewalk. It appears that the male was a victim of a shooting. Officers are canvassing the neighborhood for any additional witnesses. The victim has not yet been identified at the time of this press release. At this time, there is unknown motive or suspects.

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