Parlier police plan to file complaint against teen

FRESNO, Calif.

The teenager triggered an AMBER Alert after making up a story about being kidnapped.

The AMBER Alert was issued Monday night when officers received word that two men attacked and kidnapped the teenager in Parlier.

Investigators later learned the girl and a friend made up the story because the girl was afraid she wasn't going to graduate high school and didn't want her parents to find out. The friend eventually told officers the truth.

The police department says the search put quite a strain on their resources.

"It's a big chunk its actually almost a third of our officers we have to call in and it takes a lot of our resources and overtime and with the financial issues on the budget it puts a strain on a lot of departments," Parlier Police Chief Ishmael Solis said.

150 people were involved in the search for the teen. She was found safe, hiding in a vacant home.

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