Enjoying the holiday weekend outdoors


In the Sierra Nevada Mountains -- outside Sacramento -- drivers and campers have faced a mix of sun, rain, and snow this weekend.

There's camping, and then, there's what Karen Paolinelli and her family do.

"We had salmon with some scrambled eggs and gouda cheese on it with bacon with sausage with pancakes and hashbrowns," Paolinelli said. "We love to camp we love the outdoors and we camp a lot."

For some people camping is all about the basics and roughing it outdoors. But for others it's about bringing a little bit of luxury to the wilderness.

"It has full hookups so we're not really roughing it," Paolinelli said. "There's clean bathrooms, there's showers but we've rough camped it also. It's much nicer in trailers."

Throughout the day some of the group tried their luck at hacky sack and soaked in the warmer weather.

More than 250 campsites are filled.

Camp workers say holiday weekends are regularly booked up, and people start making reservations at the beginning of the year. Those who have a spot say... it's worth it.

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