Bravo Farms has big plans for Kettleman City


Bravo Farms is working on a new restaurant and family-oriented attraction in Kettleman City near I5 and Highway 41.

By February of next year, Bravo Farms hopes to open a five-thousand square foot restaurant, a gift shop and plenty of attractions for families.

The project could add a lot of value to this area and all the travelers passing through.

Thousands of people stopped in Kettleman City this Memorial Day as they headed home from a long weekend of camping and coastal fun.

Jeanette Hernandez of Lindsay said, "We just came back from the coast, enjoying the cold weather over there and now coming back to the heat over here."

Sheila Defendis said, "Soon, next to the rows of gas stations and fast food restaurants will be a 60-foot tall, 500-foot long Bravo Farms building geared towards families."

Jonathan Van Rys with Bravo Farms said, "It'll be big restaurant big fifth shop with all the food and stuff we have out in Traver. There will be a lot of attractions for kids -- big playgrounds and stuff like that."

The Traver-based cheese maker -- currently has restaurants and stores along Highway 99 in Traver and at the outlets in Tulare. Officials are also in the process of building a new restaurant in Visalia.

The $2-million Kettleman City project will go right behind "In-N-Out Burger" and be their biggest facility yet.

Van Rys said, "The 99 is a big freeway but the Five is crazy big and the 41 on the way to Pismo so it's a major tourist destination."

People from the Central Valley traveling through Kettleman City were excited to hear Bravo Farms would be opening up a new attraction.

Defendis said, "I think this place could use something like that it always brings in revenue people will maybe hang out instead of coming and eating and leaving."

Hernandez said, "I think that'd be fantastic that way we can get it both ways if we're going to the coast, if we're going to Fresno got it over there."

Bravo Farms hopes to begin laying down cement on the property in the next three weeks.

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