Tips on heat health and safety

FRESNO, Calif.

At noontime, Hernandez and his landscaping crew were outside trying to wrap up work for the day before the temperature peaked. "It's really hot right now. I think it's going to reach 100 degrees," said Hernandez.

The heat was a bit too excessive for other workers who took a break under some shade. Others tried cooling down with an ice-cold drink. "I just needed to cool off a little bit and this is the easy, cheap way to do it," said Laurie Archie, who was drinking a milkshake.

The rising temperatures has fans and other cooling devices blowing off the shelves at Fresno Ag Hardware in Northeast Fresno. "We see huge numbers of customers asking and checking out our prices and taking stuff out the door," said store manager, Kevin Seubert.

"There's something about this time of year that always makes you go look at fans. I don't need one but I always have to look at them," said Karen of Fresno. She and her husband have experienced the summer heat in Fresno and know the worst is yet to come. "It's not hot yet. Everybody is getting all excited about the heat. It's not hot yet, be patient," warned Karen.

But the Fresno County Health Department says this is the perfect time to prepare for the summer temps to prevent heat-related illnesses. "Water is the best way to stay hydrated. We also recommend that people wear lose, light clothing -- it helps the body stay cool. And as much as possible stay in the shade or stay indoors where it's air-conditioned," said Dr. Edward Moreno with the Fresno County Health Dept.

And it's always nice to have some fun under the sun, especially when there's water to play in.

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