Mom discusses alleged child abuse by adopted mother


Kelly Morris, 50, is accused of felony child abuse and torture on her four adopted children.

Kristina Fowler admits there was probably good reason her four children were taken away from her back in 2005. "I had a CPS case a CPS case of being a very depressed woman, a single mom, my house was a disaster all the time."

Now, claiming she is a changed woman, Fowler wants to be able to see her children more than just twice a year. She said she was sickened when she heard Kelly Morris was arrested for physically abusing the children for years.

Fowler said, "I'm horrified, I'm upset, I'm wanting, I want to cuss her out. I want to do all those things but it's not an option."

Last week, the Kings County Sheriff's Office arrested Kelly Morris after one of the four children arrived at a neighbor's house with bruises from being severely beaten. Investigators believe the convalescent home nurse had been abusing and torturing the children for years.

Fowler says her 16-year-old son had been continuously running away from the home since January. At one point he stayed with her at her house in Visalia for several days. "He tells me I just want to live with you. There's ascertain school over here that he's actually very interested in it's a military academy."

Wednesday morning, Fowler showed up to Kings County family court for a hearing on who the children would be staying with. The children are currently in foster care.

Fowler admits that financially, supporting all four of her biological children would be difficult. She has maintained a job at a local pizza shop for the last five years. She's hoping she can somehow have her children back in her life again. "Now I have an opportunity to say hey this is my life now let's put the kids with the life and I hope that god will give me that opportunity again."

Kelly Morris will be back in court next month on the felony child abuse and torture charges.

Kristina Fowler says she will be back in family court in a few weeks to see if her visitation rights can be enhanced.

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