Fresno County hopes for smoother Election Day

FRESNO, California

"We are wrapping up all the details to get the election ready for tomorrow," Brandi Orth said. "We have all of our 1200 precinct officers trained, assigned and ready to go."

County Clerk Brandi Orth says those 12 hundred workers will be manning nearly three hundred polling places, more than double the number of locations offered in the last election.

In addition to mail in votes, early voters like Laurie Tidyman-Jones of Fresno are casting ballots at the county election office downtown, for various reasons. "Well, I'd forgotten that I had an absentee ballot and tomorrow I wouldn't be able to go to our election booth so I brought both my and my husband's down today."

The primary election is expected to attract about 40% of the county's registered voters. Monitoring the proceedings will be poll watchers like Bob Gafford of Fresno. He's from the Election Integrity Project, a conservative group concerned about voter fraud. "We're just here to observe the process that everything goes according to Hoyle."

Orth is expecting a smooth process, and hopes the election will be free of the glitches, caused by a lack of polling places and confusion over the locations of those polling places in the 2010 vote.

"We have 262 polling locations county wide," Brandi Orth said. "And we think that will better service the voters and hopefully there's one near their neighborhood."

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