Closing arguments expected in murder-for-hire case

FRESNO, Calif.

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/*Daljit Singh Multani*/, 43, faces nine years in prison if found guilty of solicitation of murder.

He's accused of hiring Joe Yzaguirre to carry out the hit on former Fresno planning commissioner Rama Dawar.

Last year, Yzaguirre wore a police wire to record conversations with Multani about killing Dawar, but says he forgot to wear a wire to a critical meeting where Multani gave him a gun.

Several police officers were called to the stand to establish Yzaguirre's credibility as a witness. One officer told the court, he met Yzaguirre when he hired him to drive a limousine. The two quickly became friends and he offered to take him on a helicopter fly-along.

The officer said he later learned of Yzaguirre's criminal history including his prior convictions for burglary and theft. However, the prosecution believes he's a reliable source.

After closing arguments Wednesday, the jury must then determine if Yzaguirre is telling the truth.

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