Dos Palos couple allegedly uses kids to sell marijuana

FRESNO, Calif.

Investigators say Rebecca Paz and her boyfriend /*Christian Mauerer*/ were arrested on Saturday and booked on a number of charges including child endangerment.

People in a Dos Palos neighborhood didn't want to show their face on camera have been suspicious of the couple who live on this block for some time.

"As a mother it's pretty dangerous to live near them because something could happen."

Investigators say a traffic stop on Friday night revealed Christian Maurer, 24, was carrying a concealed semi-automatic handgun, marijuana and a fully loaded magazine within his reach.

After an interrogation, detectives searched the home he shares with his girlfriend, 35-year-old Rebecca Paz. That's where they learned at least one of Paz's four children was used to weigh, package and even sell marijuana.

Dos Palos Police Chief Barry Mann said, "This is a very small community and they're great kids and it's kind of a shocking thing. This family is pretty well known in our community."

Police say Paz, who works for the postal service claims she didn't know her kids were involved.

"In the interview, the mother admitted that marijuana sales were going on inside the residence," Chief Mann said. "She did not admit that she was aware her child was involved or being used but we believe that she had full knowledge."

But detectives say one child admitted she had sold for Maurer in the past. Maurer told police he had a card allowing him to have the medical marijuana.

Chief Mann said, "We do believe that they were selling the marijuana under the guise of prop 215."

Neighbors tell Action News they're worried about the children's safety.

"It's just sad because they're making their own kids sell marijuana and they're in danger too."

Paz's four children are now in Child Protective Services.

The couple was booked in the Merced County jail but have since posted bail.

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