Health care ruling impacts local parents


The parents of these cheerleaders from Mendota have something to cheer about. The kids are attending a summer camp at Fresno State while their moms talk about the Supreme Court decision that affects their families.

Mom and teacher Sonya Gonzalez is relieved. The provision in the Affordable Health Care Act will allow her to keep four children, including her 13 year old daughter Jocelyn and 16 year old daughter Samantha on her health care plan until they turn 26.

"That is the just the best news I've received today. My daughter, Samantha is off to college in two years and she's looking at the Ivy League Colleges on the East Coast so knowing that I can keep her on my health insurance until the age of 26, that gives me peace of mind," Gonzalez said.

The provision for dependent coverage until the age of 26 has already been in effect since last year. Insurers also can't deny coverage to children with health problems.

Catherine Felix, Director of Student Health Services at Fresno State said the provision allows the center to make sure the health care needs of students are met, even outside the center.

Felix said, "It assures us that if in case a student needs to be seen outside by a specialist that we are able to refer them or send them to a specialist and not have to worry about it creating a financial burden to students."

Catherine's family was also personally affected by the Health Care Act. She said, "My daughter was one of those that actually benefitted from that because when my daughter turned 23 in March 2011, and the ruling was implemented in august I believe, I was able to add her back."

Peace of mind for these parents and professionals while they see their kids off to college and beyond.

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