Vandals strike Clovis North High School

FRESNO, Calif.

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The campus had extensive damage from vandals who hit the campus just before dawn.

Janitors and paint crews spent much of Monday working to remove the graffiti.

Investigators are trying to figure out whether the same vandals may be to blame for other recent graffiti in the area. Last Friday, both Clovis West High School and the Northeast Fresno police substation were targeted. Police say the crimes have some striking similarities.

Police were called out to Clovis North after the suspects tripped a burglar alarm.

The campus was tagged with racial and obscene messages.

Investigators say damages to Clovis North are about $1 thousand, but all three incidents have added up to more than $5 thousand in vandalism.

In the video, Action News reporter Sontaya Rose has complete coverage on the story.

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