Fresno airport fuel spill keeps cleanup crews busy

FRESNO, Calif.

Airport officials say a fuel truck overturned around 7:30 Sunday morning spilling fuel onto the tarmac.

Airport officials say no flights were affected from that spill, but cleanup crews I talked to say there were some tense moments on the tarmac as they dealt with a fuel truck that leaked about 200 gallons.

Airport officials say a fuel truck overturned and left behind a oily mess. John DeCicco with Action Towing arrived on scene after Fresno fire.

"We had an overturned fuel tanker leaking fuel and the first thing we did with Fresno fire was secure the leaks and come up with a plan," DeCicco said.

That plan, he says, involved cleaning up about 200 gallons of jet-A fuel used to power airplanes off the tarmac.

"It is dangerous but jet-A is not that flammable outside the tank so Fresno Fire said we are going to go with plan a which was to roll it over full," DeCicco said.

Rolling over a truck with 5 thousand gallons of jet fuel DeCicco says was the bigger challenge. Fresno fire stood by while two tow trucks split up the job. One was used to pull up the fuel truck while another steadied its weight on another side.

"It was a little nerve racking at first because it was a fuel jet tanker but once we got it about three quarters of the way up I knew it was going to come over not a problem," DeCicco said.

There are still unanswered questions including how that fuel truck overturned and whether any airport or FAA violations occurred.

The City of Fresno says an investigation is underway and we will bring you that information as it becomes available.

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