Heat Wave hits the Valley

FRESNO, Calif.

Reyna Valdez said, "It's real cool, cause most parks don't open and the pool keeps the kids off of the streets."

Eleven-year-old Reyna Valdez and her family escaped the heat by spending Monday afternoon at the Frank H. Ball Community Center in Southwest Fresno.

Every day this week, the pool is open from one until seven, whereas normally it closes at five. And best of all, admission is free!

"So, do you plan on being here the rest of the week?"

Parent, Shera Valdez said, "Actually, we're going to the lake, but yeah, we'll be here tomorrow still."

Pools at both the Mosqueda and Mary Ella Brown centers will also be open later.

Following cuts last summer, city officials are able to extend hours this year thanks to extra funding from Pacific Gas and Electric, as well as a shift in resources.

Heather Heinks with the city of Fresno said, "There are four big swimming pools in the city of Fresno. One of those, airways is designated for swim lessons, and so that's the only one that really can't stay open later cause at 5:00 it shifts gears and turns into swim lessons."

City officials hope residents take advantage of the pools, as well as indoor cooling centers. In Fresno, there are four. Clovis has one: Sierra Vista Mall.

Firefighters there say, while they haven't didn't respond to many heat related calls Monday; they're urging the public to take extra precautions as the temperatures continue to climb.

Chad Fitzgerald with the Clovis Fire Department said, "Staying hydrated and drinking plenty of fluids throughout the day is the first thing we want to remind people to do, wear light clothing, and plan your day accordingly. We just want to make sure everyone stays safe and hydrated."

Again, Fresno has four cooling centers open this week.

If you are traveling to any of those sites, you can ride the FAX bus for free.

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