Fresno Co deputies arrest man accused of kidnapping

FRESNO, Calif.

Deputies arrested Paul Vernon Alley around 7:30 p.m. Saturday night on Chestnut near Clinton.

Deputies pulled Alley's car over after getting a tip that he was in the area. Inside his car they found an airsoft gun, handcuffs and a local newspaper with Alley's mugshot printed inside.

"He knew he was wanted. He had seen himself on the news. Initially he was hiding on the back of the car. After about a minute he popped up and gave up," Sgt. Joshua McCahill of the Fresno Co. Sheriff's Office said.

Alley's son was also in the car and was taken by CPS.

Alley was wanted in connection with a kidnapping last Sunday. Investigators believe he took a Fresno woman to Bass Lake where she was able to escape.

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