Dinuba medical facility holds dedication ceremony

DINUBA, Calif.

A brand new state of the art medical facility will soon be open to the public in the South Valley. Adventist Health held a opening ceremony Wednesday aimed at providing urgent care and wellness services to Dinuba and the surrounding communities.

From the outside the Adventist Health Plaza looks like your typical medical building. But take one step inside and you'll instantly notice something different. The octagon shaped atrium matches the eight of the health care giants core values.

"I'm very excited. This is such a good thing for the community of Dinuba. We're very excited to open and all the employees are excited as well," said care advocate Lauren Garcia.

Garcia is just one of many care advocates here offering help with full-time CT scans, x-rays, and lab services. The brand new urgent care facility is sorely needed in the South Valley because many people in this area often have to travel 30 or more miles to find adequate care.

"This is a prototype because we are experimenting with this. It's a little risk for us, but we believe this is the prototype we'd like to see replicated in many other locations that we serve in the Valley if successful and we're confident it will be," said Adventist Health Vice President Wayne Ferch.

At Wednesday's blessing and dedication ceremony, community members saw first hand the high tech tools helping to save lives in the South Valley.

The 7,500 square foot facility cost $4.5 million dollars and was built in about a year. Administrators also got help from Disney Imagineers to truly make this a life-changing experience.

It's not exactly the fountain of youth, but these services should help lengthen the lives of patients who come through here.


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