Bulldog gang member accused in shooting of two women

FRESNO, Calif.

/*Nicole Jones*/ was shot in the face at the intersection of Vassar and Glenn. /*Naomi Ramirez*/ got hit in the back. The pellets came from a 12-gauge, sawed-off shotgun, and police say they'd talked to the suspect earlier in the day.

A Central Fresno neighborhood turned into a madhouse Wednesday night after a fight between two women turned into a potentially deadly scene. Witnesses to the shooting didn't want to be identified, but they told Action News, /*Tony Leon*/, brought a shotgun to the fistfight.

"Seen it, seen the little spark in the gun, heard it. It was loud."

Two women went down almost a block away from the shooter. Nicole Jones, 18, got hit in the face just minutes after arriving in the neighborhood.

"In fact, she wasn't even involved in the situation. She just got up because she was visiting a girl next door."

A mother of ten, Naomi Ramirez was also hit in the back. Police arrested Leon just a little while later and several witnesses identified him as the shooter.

Chief Jerry Dyer said, "Senseless act of violence carried out by an individual who is a bulldog gang member, who should not have been on our streets today."

Police Chief Jerry Dyer is referring to Leon's long history of arrests and convictions dating back to at least 2001. His convictions include auto theft, participating in a gang, and escaping from prison. Because of that history, officers patrolling the neighborhood because of recent violence already had him in their sights.

"They happened to be in that general area making contact with people." Chief Dyer said. "Tony Leon happened to be one of them."

Leon had no warrants and police had no reason to arrest him. But just hours later, police say he carried out his latest crime, and this one may turn out to be deadly.

Action News found Jones' shoes in the street Thursday morning and gave them to family friends, who told us they don't believe she's going to survive. If she does pass away, the charges against Leon will increase to murder.

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