Heat Wave: Outdoor events draw smaller crowds

FRESNO, Calif.

There was no cool air at the 30th Annual Fig Gig in Northwest Fresno's Fig Garden Village Thursday evening. But as the sun set and the temperature dropped, the crowd grew.

The early evening heat, still in triple digits, didn't bother Michael Flores. He works in the heat so when he gets a chance to sit down and relax, he just finds a shaded spot.

"The weather doesn't bother me too much," Flores said. "I mean we have to tolerate it."

In Clovis, Rock the Mall at the Sierra Vista Mall had a smaller crowd than usual. But a lot of people still found the shade to enjoy a summer concert. Donna Gies and her family waited in the sun, in anticipation of cooler entertainment.

"It's hot," Gies said. "I wouldn't be out here if it wasn't for the movies."

Action News asked, "For the relief that you'll get inside?"

Gies answered, "Yeah!"

Mist spraying fans kept the family cool as they waited. While others in line used umbrellas to block the sun.

If you think it's hot now, temperatures are creeping up further this weekend. Officials at the California Independent System Operator, the state's main power grid, are calling for a statewide flex alert starting Friday.

ISO is expecting the heat wave to push the limits of our power supply.

"The ISO is not forecasting any blackouts at all," Stephanie McCorkle said. "But we are getting into a tight power supply situation because of the heat wave."

They're requesting folks cut power usage between 11am and 6pm every day, through the weekend scorcher.

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