Clovis residents 'fired up' over new business

FRESNO, Calif.

The meeting was held to provide community members with information about the range's conditional use permit. Mayor Pro Tem Lynne Ashbeck says the business is in compliance and is operating within acceptable noise levels per the City's Ordinace. Bruce Meredith, who lives right behind the range, bought a decible meter to monitor the sound coming from the range. He says, "it used to be rather pleasant, we worried about airplanes once in a while, but now, it's constant gunfire seven days a week".

Other residents say most of the home owners and renters in the neighborhood support gun laws and gun permits and even support the business- just not the noise. Bill DeGroot tells Action News, "there can't be any noise out of that building, that's the bottom line. I don't mind the business itself, it's the noise".

City leaders say they're attempting to mediate a "reasonable" outcome for all the parties involved. Ashbeck says, "I want to do everything we can to make the building sound proof. That's the win-win for the business owner, we want him to stay in business".

The manager of "The Firing Line" told Action News, the business has 100% complied with the City's conditional use permit. The range will be up for annual review in March of 2013.

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