Girl recovering after Squaw Valley dog attack

FRESNO, Calif.

The most recent case involves a little girl who was bitten in the face.

The girl is reportedly doing fine and recovering at home after initially being rushed to the hospital by helicopter. Paramedics say what happened to her should serve as a warning to others.

"Animals are like people - there's certain times they want to be left alone," Captain Roger Raines of Cal Fire said.

In his 25 years on the job, Captain Roger Raines has responded and treated a lot of dog bites.

"I had some concerns about her possible head injuries which we have treatment protocols for that, we can get her on oxygen which would help her mental status," Raines said.

In this case Raines says it was the family pit bull who turned on the little girl. Relatives say she was playing with or near the dog at the family home on Sage Lane while it was eating. That's when the animal bit the child.

For Cal Fire in Squaw Valley, it's the second dog attack in two days.

In the first case homeowners tried to break up a fight between their own dog and a stray and were bitten in the process.

"Even though they're your pets you want to make sure you don't wade into the fight and try to break them up physically. There's other methods, use brooms or water," Raines said.

And he says always be cautious in approaching stray animals.

The dog who bit the little girl is still at the family home and the sheriff's department is investigating.

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