Missing iPhone frustrates Madera family

FRESNO, Calif.

The iPhone 5 is a hot trendy gadget many people can't wait to get their hands on, and that also makes it a target for thieves.

One Valley family who came to pick up the pre-ordered phone at a FedEx facility returned home without a phone.

Gina and Joshua Guajardo of Madera pre-ordered the new iPhone 5 as a birthday gift for their sixteen year-old son. The couple pre-ordered the phone through Verizon the first day it was made available. But after the FedEx package was delivered, picked up and opened on Friday, feelings of excitement were soon overcome with confusion.

The box had everything but the phone, and now the family feels cheated out of a $280 product.

"For me and my husband to work hard and scrape up what little bit we have plus for my son to put in his own money for his phone, that's what hurts," Gina Guajardo said.

The couple told Action News they called Verizon and FedEx but haven't had any luck getting answers as to what happened to the phone. They say the package looked tampered with at the time of pick up and believe a FedEx worker must have opened the box and snatched the phone .

Action News put in calls to both FedEx and Verizon but no one has returned our calls.

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