Old Fresno County morgue to house animals

FRESNO, Calif.

A week from Monday, the old county morgue will accept animals with no other options. It's currently being transformed into a dog pound.

Plumbers were at the old morgue all day Friday the place ready for the new population. Tree trimmers are also cutting down trees. County officials say they have a vendor taking over once the contract with SPCA expires at the end of the month.

Workers are cutting out parts of the parking lot to install a central drain for a sewage and water line at the old Fresno County morgue.

A laundry room is also in the making.

In just over a week Fresno County officials plan to keep mostly vicious dogs under in a simple covered outdoor structure. 40 animal enclosures are on their way to town and smaller kennels will be used indoors.

But county leaders say one key element of their plan is re-diverting adoptable dogs to agencies that will help find them homes.

"I mean we 100 percent need the help of the rescue community to step forward with us so that when animals do come into the shelter and they are healthy and ready to be adopted, we are going to work with them hand in hand," Fresno County Supervisor Henry Perea said.

Supervisor Phil Larson says county officials received an offer by the SPCA Friday to extend the contract but county officials decided to pass.

"At this point, we've decided that we need to work ahead understanding that we weren't going to have a contract from SPCA and we have no problem with SPCA, I'm speaking of the county, we've never had a problem with the SPCA and all of the sudden we find out they're talking to the city and we moved ahead with a vendor," Fresno County Supervisor Phil Larson said.

City of Fresno officials tell Action News they are working to extend the contract with the SPCA.

But the plan must be approved by both the SPCA board and city leaders before it is finalized.

Liberty Animal Services is the company taking over services at this temporary shelter.

The county takes in only one third the amount of animals the city does.

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